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Fencing services on the Northern Rivers


When you require superior fencing and gate installations, maintenance and repairs, we hope that you will get in touch with Jack Murray Fencing Contractor. We service the entire Northern Rivers region. The services we offer include:
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Timber & Colorbond Fencing


In spite of the many fencing options available to residents and business owners in the Northern Rivers, timber fences are still prevalent. It is difficult to compare any fence to a stunning, natural timber fence that surrounds your property. No company offers better and more affordable timber fence installations than Jack Murray Fencing Contractor. We source the highest quality timber and use the latest techniques to complete a flawless install at your home or business. Another popular option, especially for business owners, is Colorbond. These fencing products, which include Neetascreen, Smartascreen, Miniscreen and Spanscreen, are superior steel fences that offer the best combination of aesthetics, privacy and protection. Jack Murray Fencing Contractor is licensed to install and repair Colorbond fences throughout the Northern Rivers.

Security Fencing


Security is critically important to homeowners and business owners in the Northern Rivers. It is why Jack Murray Fencing leads the way when it comes to security fencing and gate installations.

Whether you require a security fence for your factory, car yard, child care centre, factory, movie theatre, apartment complex or home, you can trust us to offer the best value, longevity and performance. We have a host of security fencing materials and colours that you can choose for the fence that you require at your location.
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Pool Fencing


A swimming pool is a fun way to keep active and cool during the summer months. Having a pool fence installed is not only a statutory and legal requirement, but also keeps family safe.

Jack Murray Fencing are able to give you the superior fencing for your pool enclosure that will not only comply with all Australian safety standards and local council bi-laws, but also add value to your investment.

We are aware of the correct compliance safety fences, but also aware of the need to have fences aesthetically pleasing.


Chain Wire & Weld Mesh


Chain wire fencing is an excellent solution for public and private areas where you want to keep individuals off your property. Chain wire fences are commonplace in Northern Rivers schools, public parks, athletic fields, swimming pools, commercial spaces and factories.

If you require improved security for your private or commercial property, you can trust that Jack Murray Fencing Contractor has the best solutions on the market. Our weld mesh fences are a fantastic choice for high-security fencing at schools, medical centres and other locations.
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Screens & Gates


Jack Murray Fencing Contractor can install and repair aluminium screens and gates for residential and commercial locations in the Northern Rivers. We can help you choose the type and colour of screen or gate that will fit best your budget and meet all your aesthetic and privacy requirements.

Commercial fencing


While we assist domestic and rural clients in the Northern Rivers, the bulk of our work is for businesses in the area. Whether you own an apartment complex, sports arena, entertainment complex, office building, factory, medical centre or educational institute, you can count on Jack Murray Fencing Contractor to help you in the Northern Rivers.

Our experienced and well-trained crew can handle projects of any size or scope. Every installation and repair job is done to the highest standards of craftsmanship, while we always work efficiently. If you require fencing services in the Northern Rivers, call Jack Murray Fencing today!
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